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3 Signs a Wheel Bearing Needs to Be Replaced August 29, 2019

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3 Signs a Wheel Bearing Needs to Be Replaced, Newark, Ohio

Wheel bearings are crucial to ensuring the various parts of a car's tire work together. Made of a metal ring of steel balls, a wheel bearing sits in the hub at the center of a wheel, helping the wheel to spin quickly with as little friction as possible. They play a vital role in the efficiency and longevity of one's wheels and tires and the comfort and smoothness of the ride. To stay on top of any issues with your wheel bearings, it can be helpful to know some of the common indicators that auto repair services are in order.

When Wheel Bearings Should Be Checked by an Auto Repair Professional

1. A Loud Noise

Most wheel bearings are sealed on both the front and back. When these sealings break or wear away, they will often produce a noise that grows louder over time. If the seal is completely gone and the metal of the bearings is scraping against the metal of the wheel, the sound will be an unmistakable grinding or scraping and will grow louder with acceleration. Consider this a mechanical priority and take it to an auto repair professional right away.

2. A Pulling Sensation

auto repairTake note of how your car moves on the road. If you feel it naturally pulling in one direction more than another, a faulty wheel bearing is one possible cause. As wheel bearings wear down, they sometimes loosen within the wheel assembly, which results in a less effective tire and less precise traction on one of the four corners of the vehicle.

3. Uneven Tire Wear

Make tire rotation a regular part of your auto maintenance routine. If a wheel bearing is breaking down and produces the pulling described above, it can cause the tire around that particular wheel to wear away faster. Some unevenness in tire wear is normal, but a pronounced disparity could well signal wheel bearing issues.


Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair has been offering wheel bearing repair to the Licking County, OH, region since 1959. Family-owned and -operated for three generations, they provide all manner of auto repairs and maintenance, including oil changes, vehicle diagnostic issues, and transmission service. Whether your vehicle is foreign or domestic, automatic or manual, they can get it in peak operational condition. Call (740) 522-4459 or visit them online to schedule service.

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