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3 Lucrative Events for Mobile Food Truck Vendors September 9, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Lucrative Events for Mobile Food Truck Vendors, Brooklyn, New York

Taking your mobile food truck to the right events will not only ensure an uptick in revenue, but it will also showcase your talents to more people, increasing future sales. Events are both money-making and marketing opportunities. To help you find the right settings for your food truck to thrive, here are a few lucrative events to consider.

Types of Events That Are Well-Suited to Mobile Food Trucks

1. Concerts & Music Festivals

For many concertgoers and music festival attendees, the foods and drinks available at a musical event are integral parts of the whole experience. Just as music is a feast for the ears, food is a feast for the taste buds. Be sure to cater to your audience, however. For example, burgers, hot dogs, and French fries are excellent choices for rock concerts, but alternative or folk music scenes may prefer something more outside the box, like vegan or organic foods.

2. Cultural Festivals

mobile food trucksFestivals celebrating certain cultural communities are ideal for food truck vendors who feature specialty foods from specific geographic regions or ethnic populations. Research local events in your area that bring together an audience who will have a special appreciation for your food. For instance, a Mexican food truck would do well at a Cinco de Mayo celebration, and a Chinese food truck should plan to set up shop at a Chinese New Year parade.

3. Sporting Events

Packing the stands and cheering all day or night can generate a lot of hunger. Attendees are often willing to sample a variety of foods when they’re attending a sports game, so whether you serve typical all-American fare or something a bit more exotic, you can often find a waiting audience at sporting events. Make sure to highlight your team spirit by wearing the home team’s jersey. 


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