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How Does the Webster Technique Address a Breech Baby? August 26, 2019

Manhattan, New York City, NY
How Does the Webster Technique Address a Breech Baby?, Manhattan, New York

If you’re pregnant and your baby is breech, your doctor may recommend you visit a maternity chiropractor. Breech babies make up roughly 3-4% of pregnancies. This means that the baby is positioned head up in the woman’s uterus, causing the feet to be pointed toward the birth canal. The Webster Technique can be beneficial to the mother and her baby in this circumstance. Below is a guide that details this technique further.

How a Maternity Chiropractor Uses the Webster Technique

What Is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic approach to help turn a breech baby and it’s performed by a licensed maternity chiropractor. The Webster Technique aligns a mother’s pelvis and hips to relax her uterus. Once this tension is removed, the baby should follow its instincts and realign itself. This treatment doesn’t apply any force directly to the baby and it’s very safe for both mother and child. It has a high success rate of 82%, which is why maternity chiropractors recommend it. 

The Best Time to Try the Webster Technique

maternity chiropractorIt’s best to use the Webster Technique before your baby has any problems. It enhances normal pelvic function throughout the pregnancy to prepare for birth. However, many mothers don’t hear about the technique until the seventh or eighth month of their pregnancy, when their baby has already been diagnosed as breech. A maternity chiropractor immediately uses the technique to reduce tension in the mother’s uterus, and it’s possible to flip the baby even in this late stage with regular adjustments. Treatment with the Webster Technique should be sought out as quickly as possible for best results.



Pure Balance is a chiropractic center and wellness facility located on Manhattan’s Murray Hill. If you’re looking for a maternity chiropractor, they have staff trained in the Webster Technique. They will also treat normal pregnancy aches and pains. The chiropractors address subluxations in the spine to promote spinal health. Visit their website to learn more about maternity chiropractic care. Call (212) 661-5656 for the Murray Hill location or (973) 773-8244 for the Clifton, NJ, office.

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