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3 Advantages of Prefab Storage Buildings Over Garages August 29, 2019

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3 Advantages of Prefab Storage Buildings Over Garages, Westby, Wisconsin

If your home doesn’t have a garage or carport, you probably want a place to store your car, tools, or lawn care equipment. While building a garage from the ground  up is an option, it’s often an expensive one, and you could achieve the same effect with a prefabricated storage building. Below, learn more about the advantages of this option.

3 Reasons to Choose a Prefab Storage Building for Your Property

1. Customizable

Finding the right structure for your needs is easy when you choose a prefab storage building. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so whether you’re planning to park your car in it, use it for extra storage, or make it into a hobby space, you’ll find the right option for you. They also don’t require as much site prep as a garage, so it’s easy to make space for them.

2. Affordable

imageBuilding a garage from a plot of land will require leveling the surface, pouring a concrete foundation, and then building the structure on it. Not only will the materials be more costly, but you’ll also spend more money on your contractor’s time. A prefabricated storage building is more affordable, and it doesn’t take long to install, so you’ll save in both ways.

3. Less Complicated

Pouring the foundation for a garage and building the structure may require multiple rounds of zoning and building permits, as well as inspections for the finished product. While a prefabricated garage may require a zoning permit, it’s usually easier to get one approved, so you’ll deal with less of a hassle trying to arrange the necessary permits.


Those in Vernon and La Crosse counties turn to Westby Builders in Wisconsin for a full range of beautiful Old Hickory Buildings®. Whether you need a place to store your car, want a playhouse for your kids, or just want a woodshed, they can help. To learn about their inventory, visit their website, and call (608) 606-4660 to schedule an estimate.

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