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AIR CONDITIONER TIPS - #3: Your AC Needs to breathe! (The Sequel) August 19, 2019

Mount Vernon, Knox
AIR CONDITIONER TIPS - #3:  Your AC Needs to breathe! (The Sequel), Mount Vernon, Ohio

In the previous post in this series, we discussed keeping your outside AC condenser free from anything that would obstruct air flow to the coils … things like weeds and grass clippings.  In this sequel post, we also want to emphasize the importance of having your condenser’s coils cleaned on an annual basis.

As you probably know, your condenser has a powerful fan that pulls air through the coils that make up the sides of your condenser (thus cooling the coils) and blows the extracted heat straight up.  This process causes dust, dirt and other fine debris to begin to accumulate between the cooling vanes on the coils while larger debris collects on the surface of the vanes.  The result is reduced cooling efficiency and higher electric bills.

The pictures below were taken by one of our certified, trained and experienced HVAC techs, Andrew, after he performed an AC service for one of our Jon’s Comfort Club customers.  (Are you a member?  If not, call our office at 740-392-5667 to learn how you can start saving money on your repairs and annual maintenance calls … membership is free to annual maintenance customers … please call for details)

The exterior surface of this coil was matted with fine plant debris, and the interior was a mess, also.  Andrew performed a thorough cleaning of this unit (Now, it looks brand new!) thereby restoring maximum heat exchange efficiency to the unit and saving the customer money on their cooling bills!

We appreciate Andrew’s keen attention to detail when he services our customers’ air conditioners.  If you haven’t had your annual AC maintenance performed yet, or if you are having problems with your air conditioning system, please call us at 740-392-5667 to get a certified, trained technician like Andrew dispatched to your home or business. Thanks for choosing Jon’s!

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