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How Hospice Care Helps Families August 27, 2019

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How Hospice Care Helps Families, Poteau, Oklahoma

Hospice care is designed to support the end-of-life needs of seniors who have endured a serious illness. But while this care may be focused on the patient, it can also offer extensive benefits to the client’s families. If you have a loved one in need of additional medical and emotional care, here are a few ways this service could help everyone in your family.   

3 Ways Hospice Care Benefits Family Members

1. Respite Care

When seniors become ill or disabled, family members are usually the first ones to provide routine care. However, providing ongoing elderly care can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Hospice providers take over much of these tasks so that relatives can focus on the non-medical aspects of their loved one’s needs. It also helps ensure that families have time to themselves so they can regroup, socialize, and practice self-care.

2. Professional Insight

hospiceMedical conditions—such as cancer, kidney disease, and liver failure—that require hospice care are complex. Hospice professionals have the training necessary to navigate the ins-and-outs of these conditions. They will also coordinate with the client’s doctors to ensure that the individual is receiving pain relief treatment that is optimized for them.

These caregivers will breakdown the aspects of these conditions in a simple manner, allowing you to feel more confident about the circumstances. They can also provide tips and strategies on how to manage your loved one’s symptoms.  

3. Emotional Support

While hospice is generally considered to be a medical resource, it can also connect clients and their families to emotional support resources. For example, many professionals are linked to local religious leaders and chaplains who can provide prayer and guidance. They are also able to introduce you to grief counselors who can assist with the bereavement process.


Deciding to seek hospice can be difficult, but Advantage Home Health & Hospice is here to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible. As a leading home health care agency in the Poteau, OK, community, this resource will connect you to qualified professionals that can help your loved one manage symptoms in their familiar home environment. This provider can also support your family’s needs by offering in-home senior care, nursing care, physical therapy, and companions for elderly relatives. To learn more about these capabilities, visit this agency online or call (918) 647-0653 with questions.

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