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3 Important Boiler Maintenance Tips September 16, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
3 Important Boiler Maintenance Tips, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

With cold weather mere months away, now is a good time to think about the boiler. Proper maintenance is essential to staying warm and comfortable throughout the season and avoiding unexpected repairs. Here’s what you should do to maintain your heating system.

How to Maintain Your Boiler

1. Inspect Surrounding Areas

The area surrounding the boiler can tell you a lot about its condition. If you haven’t looked at the appliance in a while and discover unusual stains or marks around it, then you might need to consider that it’s leaking gas or that reaching the end of its natural life expectancy—usually between 10 and 15 years. Only a heating technician can determine this for sure. While inspecting the area, take a look at the water level, too. If it doesn’t have enough, then there may be a leak or damage somewhere in the system that requires repairs.

2. Clear Sufficient Space

heatingNever block the area surrounding the boiler with storage boxes or other household supplies. The space should be reserved solely for the heating system and nothing else. This is to prevent obstruction if there’s damage to the system and allow your technician easy access to the unit for routine inspections and occasional repairs. While you’re clearing out the space, take the time to dust off the area, too. Boilers can collect dust over time, so wiping them down is an effective way to prevent buildup.

3. Check Vents Regularly

When the air vents are clogged with dust and debris, then the boiler has to work even harder to warm the home. If left to linger for too long, those contaminants could even cause clogs in the vents or flue. Always inspect and clean them off regularly to promote greater boiler efficiency and a warmer, more comfortable home.


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