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3 Benefits of Drum Lessons for Kids September 6, 2019

South Beach, Staten Island
3 Benefits of Drum Lessons for Kids, Staten Island, New York

Music lessons teach kids new skills and an enjoyable hobby. There are many different specialties that they can focus on, from vocal skills to learning an instrument. Learning how to play the drums can offer unique benefits. Below are some reasons to consider it for your kids.

How Kids Can Benefit from Learning to Play Drums

1. Improves Cognitive & Motor Skills

Drum sets have many components, so drummers need to be able to coordinate many moving pieces at once. Over time, this helps kids hone their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also aids in cognitive development since the brain must learn to manage many different movements at once.

2. Reduces Stressmusic lessons

Drumming involves quick movements and forcefully striking different surfaces. This can help kids productively deal with frustration and stress. Additionally, focusing on a song or beat helps drummers stay in the moment instead of dwelling on a bothersome issue. Over time, a music lesson session on the drums can improve their ability to cope with difficulties that pop up in their day-to-day lives.

3. Burns Calories & Energy

The movement needed an energetic music lesson can also serve as a form of exercise. Playing the drums can make it easier for kids to stay active without feeling like they’re exercising. It can also burn off extra energy, which may help them sleep better and improve their overall health.


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