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What to Do If Your Filling or Crown Falls Out September 6, 2019

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
What to Do If Your Filling or Crown Falls Out, Homer, Alaska

Dental crowns and fillings protect teeth if they become damaged or decayed. No matter how well you take care of them, however, eating crunchy or chewy foods may dislodge them, causing them to become loose and fall. When this happens, call your dentist right away and follow these steps until your appointment.

3 Steps to Take If Dental Crowns or Fillings Come Out

1. Find & Save It

If the filling or crown is still in your mouth, spit it out to avoid swallowing or inhaling it. If you think you swallowed it, don’t panic, as they usually pass through your system without difficulty, and the dental team can fix the tooth without it. If you do find the filling or crown, clean it off with warm water and store it someplace safe until your appointment. The dental office may be able to cement it back into place instead of applying a new one.

2. Prevent Injury to the Exposed Tooth

Your crown or filling covered sensitive tissues of the tooth, such as the dentin, pulp, and nerves. When it comes out, it leaves them exposed, which can ignite pain, increase the risk of infection, and cause further damage. Until you can see your dentist, find dental wax or cement from a pharmacy and use these to cover up the affected area. Stick to eating soft, smooth foods until your dental appointment, so it doesn’t get lodged in the area or apply unnecessary pressure to it.

3. Keep It Clean & Pain-Free

crownsDental hygiene is still important, as the inner layers of the tooth may be exposed to bacteria that can cause new decay to start forming, especially if your crown was placed after a root canal procedure. Brush and floss, but be gentle with the affected tooth. Rinsing with warm salt water or an anti-cavity mouthwash will help keep it clean as well. If you feel pain or sensitivity, take over-the-counter pain relievers as recommended and use warm salt water rinses three times a day to help.



If your crown or filling has come out, call Preventive Dental Services PC right away. Serving Homer, AK, they’ll replace or repair dental crowns and fillings to restore your oral health. With over 20 years of experience, their team operates a compassionate and cutting-edge facility that offers comprehensive care, including emergency and restorative procedures like root canal therapy and crown restoration. Learn more about their care online and call (907) 235-1286 to make an appointment.

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