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A Golfer's Secret Weapon May 26, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
A Golfer's Secret Weapon, Manhattan, New York


I bet the golfers out there think a golfers secret weapon is their clubs and golf balls..e.g. the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver or the Titlelist Pro V1.....If you do - you'd be wrong.....

The average American male golfers handicap in 1999 was 16.2 (according to Dr. Bob Rotella, The Golf Of Your Dreams). The average golf handicap for men in 2010 was 16.1. (according to the United States Golf Association).


More Amazing Stats

Statistics show that the #1 injury amongst male golfers in low back pain (53%), followed by elbow pain (24%).

Despite all the amazing advancements in golf technology (clubs & balls), golf scores have not improved and golfers continue to get hurt at alarming rates.

Does Equipment Make a Difference?

Yes, but ultimately it's the golfer that plays the game. While great equipment is certainly part of great golf, but technology has not worked to lower golf scores. If you gave a broom stick to Wayne Gretsky (a.k.a. "The Great One"), be sure he'd still find a way to score a goal.

"No matter how technologically advanced the equipment, it cannot endow the golfer with the physical capabilities that he or she does not possess. Even the best clubs don't play the game for you." -Paul Chek-Author of The Golf Biomechanic's Manual: Whole in One Golf Conditioning

Physical Restrictions


Unfortunately, many of today's golfers have limited physical abilities as they relate to the golf swing. Most players are not physically capable of performing the required body movements involved in a mechanically correct golf swing. These physical limitations lead to altered and inconsistent play, reduced power output and most importantly, can lead to playing related injuries because of the unnecessary stress to various joints and muscles (especially the low back).


Brett's Bottom Line: If you dream of hitting longer, straighter drives. If you truly want to improve your golf game - you need to improve your body. We need to improve your ability to "swing" the club by improving your ability to get into the position you need to be to swing the club. Most golfers have physical restrictions that prevent them from playing their best golf. Eliminating those restrictions-that's what I do.

**There is limited availability for my Ready to GOLF program. Applications are now being taken. To get your complimentary golf fitness consultation call: (917) 596-8485 and tell me you want to play your best golf.

Check out the review below.

"Brett, I just shot the best round of golf in my career.. I'm a believer." Thanks, Ken..


(and that was after just 4 sessions!)

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