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Essential Wasp Control Do’s & Don’ts September 4, 2019

Bolivar, Polk
Essential Wasp Control Do’s & Don’ts, Bolivar, Missouri

Of the many pests that could invade your property, few can be more alarming than wasps. These insects are highly aggressive and often attack in swarms, making them a significant safety risk — especially for those who are allergic. Follow these wasp control guidelines to help keep your family safe.


Stay away from the nest.

Though wasps are more aggressive than bees, they generally don’t attack unless they think there is a threat to their nest. As such, keep a safe distance from the nest at all times until a professional removes it.

Seal your home.

A wasp nest on the exterior of your home or elsewhere on your property increases the risk of wasps getting inside the house. Check for cracks in window frames, gaps around doors, and other potential entryways. Sealing these gaps keeps wasps outside and improves your home’s energy efficiency.


Mistake a beehive for a wasp nest, or vice versa.

wasp controlBees are vital to the environment and don’t typically warrant a call for pest control. Their nests have a waxy appearance, while wasp nests vary in appearance based on the species you’re dealing with. Paper wasps live in small hexagonal cells, while hornets live in grayish-football shaped nests. Yellow jackets tend to live in a hole in the ground or a building. Recognizing the difference helps you know when you need wasp control.

Attempt to remove the nest on your own.

Leave the removal of a wasp nest to wasp control experts. When humans disturb their nest, wasps beat their wings at a frequency that warns the rest of the colony to attack. Without proper safety equipment, you could be stung multiple times by an entire swarm — a potentially lethal encounter in extreme circumstances.


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