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4 Ways to Update an Old Coat September 4, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Ways to Update an Old Coat, Manhattan, New York

Perhaps you found an old coat in your mom’s closet that she said you could have. Maybe you came upon a gem at a vintage clothing shop or found a must-have jacket at a flea market. No matter the reason a hand-me-down coat is in your possession, there are many ways your local tailor can make it new again. Before visiting the tailoring shop near you, look below for some inspiration.

4 Ways a Tailor Can Update a Hand-Me-Down Coat

1. Create a Custom Fit

Have your tailor take measurements to create a custom-fitted jacket or coat. Get the piece taken in or out as needed while also considering flattering changes to the hem, such as shortening a long coat into a stylish jacket. The sleeves may also need altering to fit you correctly.tailor

2. Change the Lining

Update the lining, especially if it’s thinning or ripped, to create a more attractive and comfortable coat. Ask your tailor to see the lining materials available or bring your own fabric to create a custom piece. Depending on which fabric you select, like shearing, the lining may also contribute to the coat’s warmth.

3. Replace the Buttons or Zippers

Get old, outdated, or unattractive buttons replaced to improve the coat’s look. If the coat has a broken zipper instead of buttons, ask your tailor to provide quality replacements. Consider fabric-covered, tortoiseshell, or gold or silver buttons.

4. Add a New Collar or Trim

Refresh an old coat with a new collar or trim. Faux and vintage fur both provide chic collar options, as does velvet. Trim possibilities include lace, fringe, or any other material you’d like. Ask the tailor to add it to the sleeves, bottom, or both depending on the fabric type and style. 

Discuss these and other coat alterations with the experts at 6 Avenue Tailor in Manhattan. The Midtown tailors provide same-day and rush services and focus exclusively on alterations, including custom-tailored suits and wedding gowns. Call (212) 593-1925 to make an appointment or email sixavenuetailor@gmail.com. See their latest work and get additional tips on Facebook.