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4 Ways to Determine Your Partner's Favorite Flowers September 9, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Ways to Determine Your Partner's Favorite Flowers, Manhattan, New York

New relationships are full of exciting possibilities. While you’re still getting to know one another, it’s a thoughtful gesture to purchase a gift for them. Flowers make beautiful offerings, but you may not know what your significant other likes. The following guide offers a few subtle ways to figure out their favorite blooms.

How to Find Out Which Flowers Your Significant Other Enjoys

1. Ask Their Friends & Family

Get in touch with your significant other’s friends and family members for advice. Siblings and best friends usually know that person best. They can give you a full list of flower options, or at least point you in the right direction. By asking an outside source, you can keep the gift a secret and surprise your partner with their favorite blooms.

2. Pay Close Attention

This method will require some time and covert observation, but it’ll give you accurate results. If you’re going on a walk or shopping, try choosing routes that pass florists and gardens. Take note if your partner spends extra time looking at any particular blooms. If they bring home flowers for themselves, pay attention to the types of flowers they choose.

3. Discuss Your Favorites

flowersAs you’re learning more about each other, talking about your preferences is normal. When discussing subjects like music, movies, and foods, try to steer the conversation toward simpler topics. Ask about their favorite colors, flowers, and animals, and try not to place emphasis on any particular question.

4. Pick Flowers for Someone Else

If you really want to be covert, there are ways to get your partner to reveal their opinions without them noticing. Wait until there is an occasion where you might send someone else flowers, like a birthday. Ask your significant other to help you pick out a bouquet. Whether they realize it or not, their suggestions will probably be influenced by their own preferences.



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