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New Treatment Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex August 16, 2019

New Treatment Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex, Cincinnati, Ohio

What is the MonaLisa Touch Therapy?

The MonaLisa Touch Procedure is an office treatment that was developed to improve the moisture and elasticity of the vagina in postmenopausal women who experience painful intercourse secondary to vaginal dryness.

The MonaLisa Touch is a minimally-invasive treatment preformed by a specially trained gynecologist to improve the health and pliability of the vaginal mucosa or inner lining of the vagina. A specially designed CO2 fractional laser is used in the office to treat the  thin sensitive vaginal wall. The laser has unique characteristics of a  penetrating light deep into the layers of the vaginal wall in such a way that it stimulates vascularity and collagen formation. This returns the vaginal tissue to a state that was present prior the changes induced by menopause.

How successful is the therapy?

Studies from the Europe note that there is a significant improvement in the symptoms which can occur as early as a few weeks after the first treatment. A recent study performed at The Christ Hospital in conjunction with the Stanford University(which is the only U.S. trial to date confirms these results.

Is the treatment painful?

No anesthesia is necessary prior to or during treatment. The procedure is done in a simple fashion by placing a small probe in the vagina. The treatment session lasts approximately five minutes. No post treatment medicine is required.

Are there any post-treatment restrictions?

As mentioned, women have minimal to no pain with this therapy. Full activity is resumed immediately. Intercourse or the use of a vibrator is encouraged after 48 hours and until the next therapy session six weeks later.

Dr. Jamieson is a board certified gynecologist who has been preforming the MonaLisa Touch procedure for over four years at The Christ Hospital Women’s Health Center. To obtain more information about this revolutionary new procedure or to schedule an appointment call 513-241-7744.

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