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Join Our Social Gathering for Health Care Providers Interested in Holistic Healing August 23, 2019

Metro Collaborative
September 24, 2019 6:30PM - September 24, 2019 8:00PM
Join Our Social Gathering for Health Care Providers Interested in Holistic Healing, 13, Maryland

Whether you’re an OB-GYN, cardiologist, or chiropractor, your patients could undoubtedly benefit from a functional and holistic approach to their care. Since no bodily system exists in a vacuum, specialists shouldn't focus solely on their area of expertise. Instead, they should consider every aspect of the patient’s life that could be contributing to the issue at hand—then propose solutions to mitigate such contributors. If you want to incorporate this kind of holistic healing into your practice but aren’t sure how to get started, attend the social gathering at FuncPhysio Physical Therapy hosted by Metro Collaborative in New York, NY. 

Metro Collaborative™ Social Gathering at FuncPhysio Physical Therapy

Tuesday, September 24th, 6:30 p.m.

At this holistic healing event, a select group of physical therapists will lead participants on a discussion about functional manual therapy. This revolutionary method for restoring mobility of the joints and soft tissues can eliminate the need for other, more invasive treatment modalities. From pregnancy to arthritis, all kinds of conditions respond to functional manual therapy, making it the perfect way to incorporate holistic healing into virtually any practice.

holistic healingAs the name implies, you'll also get the opportunity to socialize with your peers at the event. From mental health counselors to internists, all practitioners are welcome to attend the gathering, which will be held at 16 East 40th Street, Suite 703 in Manhattan. 

Network With Other Clinicians Who Practice Holistic Healing

The social gathering at FuncPhysio Physical Therapy is just one of many events held by Metro Collaborative™. Based in New York, NY, this holistic healing networking group arranges six peer-to-peer dinners every year. They also host luxurious leadership retreats at their wellness destination in the Caribbean. To RSVP for their upcoming social gathering, call (609) 876-9163 or visit their website.

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