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How Are Second Pregnancies Different? September 23, 2019

Upper East Side, Manhattan
How Are Second Pregnancies Different?, Manhattan, New York

If you’re planning on having more than one baby before reaching menopause, you may be wondering how subsequent pregnancies will differ from the first. While every pregnancy is inevitably different—just as every woman is—there are some generalities that apply to most second pregnancies. Here is what you can expect if you’ve already had one child and are hoping for another. 

Physical Differences

Because they’re familiar with the earliest symptoms, most women will recognize their second pregnancy sooner than they did their first. It’s also common to show sooner—and carry lower—because the uterine and abdominal muscles are already stretched out. This, in turn, can lead to more back pain and body aches throughout the pregnancy. When it comes time to give birth, however, you can anticipate a shorter labor. Delivery is almost always faster the second time because the cervix is less rigid and the vaginal canal is more pliant. 

Mental Differences 

menopauseIn some ways, second pregnancies are much easier mentally, and in others, they’re much harder. For example, since you know what to expect, you may feel more prepared. As long as you didn't have a traumatic delivery, this can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety about giving birth.

Since you’re already caring for a little one, however, you may feel much more tired throughout the pregnancy. You may also feel as though you have no time to yourself. As such, you might not enjoy the second pregnancy nearly as much, and you may simply be looking forward to giving birth. Since it could be your last pregnancy before reaching menopause, it’s important to find small ways to make it special. This will contribute to your mental health immensely. 



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