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5 Hazards of Summer Driving August 23, 2019

Old Southwest, Roanoke
5 Hazards of Summer Driving, Roanoke, Virginia

When it comes to hazardous driving conditions, most people focus on winter issues; however, summer months come with their own set of driving risks. Warmer months entice more drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians onto the roads, which can result in traffic congestion and car accidents. The following are some of the most common summer driving hazards.

Summertime Driving Risks

1. Road Trip Drivers

Many road trippers and vacationers choose the warm summer months to take long drives to their favorite destinations. Whether they’re visiting your town or just driving through, they can add more traffic to the roadways. In addition to the general increase in traffic congestion, vacationing drivers are generally more distracted because they’re unfamiliar with the area, which can increase the risk of accidents.

2. Teenage Drivers

You can expect an increase in teenage drivers on the road during the summer because they are on a long school break. Unfortunately, teenagers have less experience behind the wheel. This, paired with an increased likelihood of distracted driving, can also lead to car accidents.

3. Motorcycles & Bicycles

car accidentWarm weather is the perfect time for motorcyclists and bicyclists to take to the roads. These two-wheeled vehicles can be hazardous because they’re harder for other drivers to see. Keep an eye out for bicycle-riders on the sides of the road and at crosswalks, and be vigilant and check twice for motorcycles before making sudden turns or lane changes to prevent the risk of an accident.

4. Summer Road Construction

Most road construction is done during the summer, which can lead to traffic jams. Avoid car accidents by staying alert when changing lanes and taking detours caused by construction areas. If possible, avoid the construction area altogether by taking an alternate route.

5. Heat-Related Car Failure

The heat of the summer sun can wreak havoc on your vehicle if you aren’t watchful. Hot air can expand in your tires and lead to blowouts, and your engine can overheat. Check your tires regularly and try to give your engine a chance to cool down when you can.


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