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What to Expect From a Vehicle Safety Inspection September 3, 2019

East Franklin, Armstrong
What to Expect From a Vehicle Safety Inspection, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

To improve the level of road safety, all vehicles in Pennsylvania are required to undergo yearly safety inspections at an approved auto repair shop. This is to ensure that cars being driven are properly maintained and are unlikely to fail or cause a wreck due to mechanical or body issues. If you are scheduled to have your first inspection, this guide will explain what you can expect.

What Is Included in a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

Before heading to an approved PennDOT Inspection Station, go over what they will check, so you can see if auto repairs are needed ahead of time. The inspectors will start by making sure the registration matches the title and that the insurance is up to date. Next, they will visually check the body and all exterior parts for damage—including the lights, windshield, windshield wipers, and mirrors. They'll also look at the condition of the wheels, tires, and brakes to determine if they should be replaced.

Inside the cabin, the inspector will check that all the dashboard gauges are working and that there are no warning lights present. They'll also test the steering wheel and horn and ensure that the brake pedal doesn't go to the floor and the emergency brake works when applied. Finally, they'll inspect the engine components and the chassis. The battery, fuel, and exhaust system will be checked for issues. The emissions system will also be tested for any tampering. Underneath the car, they'll check the suspension system for any noticeable wear and tear.

What Are Some Issues That Can Result in a Failed Inspection?

auto repairIf your car is in good condition, you’re unlikely to fail a vehicle safety inspection. However, there are some problems auto repair shops can’t overlook, which could result in an automatic fail. For instance, if the engine light is visible on the dashboard or not operating, you will likely fail because this indicates there could be a serious engine problem. 

If more than two mirrors or the windshield are cracked, you'll also likely fail. The horn and windshield wipers are also required to work, and all mechanical windows should roll down. A vibrating or bouncing engine mount will also result in a failing grade and so will any exhaust leaks. Additionally, brake pads and tire tread must be at least 2/32-inch thick, and the vehicle body should have very little damage and no rusting.  

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