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When to Replace Your A/C Unit August 23, 2019

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When to Replace Your A/C Unit, Ashtabula, Ohio

Aside from changing the filter every few months and scheduling periodic maintenance, you may not give much thought to your AC unit. But when it starts to feel as hot inside as it is outside and your family is no longer comfortable, it's time to consider whether you need a new system instead of a routine air conditioning repair. A few warning signs can help you anticipate the need for a replacement.

3 Reasons to Replace Your AC

1. Uncomfortable Home 

air conditioning repair Ashtabula, OHIf your home is never cold enough, no matter how low you set the thermostat, your unit may be on its way out. Your AC should maintain a set temperature even during extreme weather conditions, and you shouldn’t regularly come home to a broken unit. 

2. High Repair Costs

Aside from regular maintenance and filter costs, you shouldn't have to spend too much money on your unit from year to year. A failing one may require more coolant, frequent visits from a professional HVAC contractor, and several new parts. Once your air conditioning repair costs become frequent and expensive, purchase a new AC unit before you spend more money on a broken one than you would on an upgraded replacement.

3. Age

Once your AC unit is over ten years old, think about replacing it, especially if you want to boost efficiency in your home. During the air conditioning repair and install, you’ll have the chance to update your AC zones. Zoning your home will keep certain areas of the home cooler (or warmer) to save money on your electric bill. Additionally, attic fans and a ventilation system can keep your home as comfortable as possible.  


If you are looking for an air conditioning repair technician or advice on a new unit, Ziegler Heating Company in Ashtabula, OH, will keep you and your family cool. For 80 years, this family-owned business has provided exceptional service for all HVAC installation and servicing needs. All of their employees are certified professionals who provide emergency service when you need it the most. To see more of their services, visit their website, or schedule an appointment by calling (440) 969-1141.

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