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Top 3 Kitchen Remodeling Projects for Selling a House September 4, 2019

Scotch Plains, Union
Top 3 Kitchen Remodeling Projects for Selling a House, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

If you’re undergoing kitchen remodeling before selling your home, there are a few projects you can take on for a better return on investment (ROI). This is because home buyers tend to look for specific features when assessing the age or functionality of a space. To help you choose the work that will yield the best returns, here are some upgrades that may boost the value of your property before you place it on the market.

What to Upgrade During Kitchen Remodeling for a Return on Investment

1. Appliances

Updating your appliances can get you high returns, but you need to be strategic about it. Refrigerators, for example, only tend to last about 15 years. While a new one may look nice, its return won’t be as high as a cooktop, which lasts much longer. Stay away from specialty appliances like wine drawers, which may not appeal to everyone, and focus on the practical devices everyone uses. Stainless steel is a popular finish. 

Kitchen Remodeling2. Cabinetry

Your cabinets account for a large portion of the visible space in your kitchen, which is why replacing or refacing them yields 80 to 100% ROI on average. They’re the first feature people notice when they walk into the room, so they set the tone for the rest of the space. If it isn’t in the budget to replace them, consider refinishing them with a new coat of paint and switching up the hardware for a fresh look. 

3.  Flooring

Even if everything else in your kitchen is new and immaculate, damaged or outdated flooring may overwhelm the eye. Installing new floors is possible even for modest budgets, and may net an ROI of over 81%. For the best bang for your buck, consider hardwood flooring. Not only is it versatile and attractive enough for any kind of decor, but it’s also known to be durable, which is a major selling point for potential homebuyers. If you already have hardwood floors that are older than 8 to 10 years, refinish them to restore their original appeal.   


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