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What are the Top Benefits of a Chain-Link Fence? September 4, 2019

Kenai, Kenai Peninsula
What are the Top Benefits of a Chain-Link Fence?, Kenai, Alaska

A chain-link fence creates a seamless, secure boundary around your property, so you and your property stay safe from wildlife and other potential intruders. Chain-link fencing is durable, economical, easy to install, and offers a variety of design options. If you have more questions, below are answers to common queries about chain-link fences. 

FAQ About Chain Link Fences

Why should I install a chain-link fence?

Homeowners with animals choose chain-link because it’s sturdy enough to keep your animals in and wild animals out. Business owners use it because it’s one of the most secure types of fencing available, perfect for protecting commercial spaces that are often left unoccupied. 

Will my chain-link fence rust?

Manufacturers make chain-link from galvanized steel coated in zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. Powder-coatings, vinyl coverings, and polyolefin coatings offer further protection from the elements.

Do they come in colored varieties?

These fencing systems are Chain-link fencesavailable in black, brown, green, and sometimes white. Posts, rails, caps, and fittings match the color of the wire mesh.

Does chain-link come in different sizes?

Chain-link fences are available in a wide variety of heights, gauges, and patterns (sizes). Federal law requires fences that enclose pools to have diamonds smaller than 2-inches. For other uses, ask your local fencing professional for sizing advice.

Do thicker posts make the fence stronger?

While more substantial fence posts are available, adding more posts strengthens a chain-link fence much more effectively. Doing so increases the stability of the fence as a whole, and offers more anchoring points with the ground.

Can you install them on a steep hill?

Yes, fencing contractors install extra terminal posts at the top and bottom of a hill when installing chain-link on any size incline. Additionally, they cut the wire mesh to accommodate the hill’s grade.


Whether you need a standard chain-link fence or something more decorative, the fencing experts at Four Seasons Fence Co LLC in Kenai, AK, can help you choose the right fencing system for your home or business. With locations in Kenai, Soldotna, Nikiski, Sterling, Kasilof, and Homer, they serve a vast area. Local, professional fence installers will provide options based on your desired function and form. Call (907) 776-5228 today to request a free estimate or visit them online to learn more about fencing options.

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