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4 FAQ About Clogged Tubs September 3, 2019

Norwalk, Fairfield County
4 FAQ About Clogged Tubs, Norwalk, Connecticut

If your bathtub is draining slower than usual or it’s not draining at all, you need a professional drain cleaning service to find the source of the clog. They’ll remove it so you can go back to using your tub as usual. However, if you want to avoid having this problem in the future, it’s important to understand more about what causes clogs and how to remove them.

Answers to Questions About Clogged Bathtubs

What causes tubs to clog?

drain cleaningUsually, tub clogs happen as a result of a variety of solids going down your drain and getting stuck together. This often includes hair, small pieces of soap, dissolved solids in the water, and other debris. When those items stick together in the drain, they prevent water from flowing through.

Can I unclog it myself?

There are chemical products that claim to remove drain clogs easily. While some of these products may work in the short term, they also contain harsh ingredients that can potentially wear down the walls of your pipes, especially when used multiple times. It’s better to hire a professional.

How can I minimize clogs?

The best way to prevent clogs from forming is to prevent solids from going down your drain. Use a drain cover to catch hair and other debris before they can get into the pipes. Then, avoid pouring any soap or gel products down the drain. If mineral buildup from hard water is an issue, you might also invest in a water softener to remove some of those materials.

How can a professional help?

A professional drain cleaning service has the tools necessary to find and remove clogs without using harsh chemicals. They can use a snake to manually remove the clog or use a water jetting tool to fully clean out the interior of the drain. These tools require training and expertise to operate efficiently, but a drain cleaning company should be able to handle the job quickly.



If you’re looking for a drain cleaning service to help you with your bathtub, contact All Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning. Serving Connecticut’s Fairfield and New Haven counties, the team has more than 30 years of experience offering sewer and drain services, including water jetting, video sewer inspections, and drain repair services. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and have the experience and training necessary to complete jobs quickly and at affordable prices. Browse their services on their website or call (203) 286-4498 to request service.

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