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Can Physical Therapy Relieve Chronic Pain? August 23, 2019

Church Point, Acadia
Can Physical Therapy Relieve Chronic Pain?, Church Point, Louisiana

For those living with chronic pain, performing even the simplest tasks can pose a challenge. And while prescription medication can certainly help, using it for an extended period is far from ideal. As such, it’s natural to seek other remedies to achieve relief. One of the most popular ways to manage persistent debilitating pain is through physical therapy. If you have yet to try this approach for your own symptoms, here's what you should know about getting started.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy encompasses hands-on care, prescribed exercise regimens, and patient education. The specific goals of these tailored treatments depend on the circumstances but might include restoring function, preventing disability, or reducing pain. Physical therapy is ultimately a form of ongoing rehabilitation. The total duration of treatment and the frequency of sessions depend on the extent and severity of the condition in question.

How Can Physical Therapy Relieve Chronic Pain?

physical therapyPhysical therapists can provide all kinds of treatments that will relieve chronic pain. Some of the most popular methods include strengthening exercises, low-impact aerobic training, stretching, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), dry needling, massage therapy, and heat and ice application. These modalities target pain in different ways and have varying degrees of efficacy. For example, while TENS uses electrical stimulation to intercept pain signals and increase the production of endorphins, heat and ice application can increase circulation and reduce inflammation, respectively.

Naturally, the underlying cause of the pain will determine just how effective any given approach—or combination of approaches—will be. Generally speaking, though, physical therapists can help patients who have everything from old sports injuries to musculoskeletal disorders.


If you have chronic pain, turn to The Road Home Therapy Center in Church Point, LA. Since 1978, this therapy clinic has been providing comprehensive care for patients facing all kinds of hurdles. Their primary services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Whether you need outpatient care or short-term inpatient rehabilitation, you can turn to them. To discuss your needs with a friendly member of their team, reach out online or call (337) 684-6318.

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