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Your Guide to a More Holistic Diet September 3, 2019

Garfield Ridge, Chicago
Your Guide to a More Holistic Diet, Chicago, Illinois

If you want to live more holistically, changing your eating habits is a smart first step. Though it may feel daunting at first, it’s relatively easy to start incorporating more fresh, whole, and organic foods into your diet. Here are a handful of nutrition counseling tips on how to eat well for a holistic lifestyle.

4 Diet Tips for Holistic Living

1. Snack Frequently

Ideally, eat every three to four hours to regulate your metabolism and blood sugar while minimizing cravings for unhealthy foods. The most effective way to accomplish this is by keeping healthy snacks on hand, which should include nutrient-rich fruits, nuts, seeds, and juices.

2. Take Supplements

Even when you begin to eat more holistically, you’ll still need supplements to provide the nutrients you might not be getting otherwise. For instance, the vast majority of people are vitamin D deficient, which is why nutrition counseling professionals suggest taking it as a supplement. Vitamin B-12, folate, and niacin supplements boost your metabolism.

3. Cut Out Dairy & Artificial Sugar

nutrition counselingMany people have a sensitivity to dairy and may not even realize it. Improve your digestion by cutting out cheese and pasteurized milk products. Chemical sweeteners cause blood sugar to fluctuate and may hinder weight loss, so use a natural product like stevia.

4. Skip Processed Foods & Unhealthy Fats

Processed foods contain additives, pesticides, and chemicals that put stress on your liver and interfere with your body’s ability to detox, so get into the habit of eating whole foods that you prepare at home. As opposed to animal and saturated fats, olive and unrefined coconut oils accelerate your metabolism and reduce inflammation.


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