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3 Reasons to Maintain Your Asphalt August 23, 2019

College Point, Queens
3 Reasons to Maintain Your Asphalt, Queens, New York

Asphalt surfaces on your business's property ensure that employees and customers have safe, dependable, and comfortable spaces in which to park and get around. While asphalt is a famously durable material, some routine maintenance is necessary to keep it in peak condition. Below are three reasons to undertake regular asphalt maintenance.

Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance

1. Prolong the Lifespan

Most asphalt surfaces are exposed to the elements 24/7. Not surprisingly, this can take a toll. Both heat and cold can cause asphalt to expand and contract, leading to cracks. Water can get into cracks and absorb into the structure of the asphalt, making the entire surface uneven and unsteady. Maintenance practices, such as prompt repair of cracks and seal coating to protect against water damage, keep your asphalt in solid condition for the long haul.

2. Save Money

It costs more to replace an asphalt surface than it does to perform minor repairs and seal coating. Don't think of your business's asphalt as just a ground overlay on which people drive or walk. Think of it as an investment, just as your business's buildings, vehicles, and even employees are investments. By paying a small amount for quick fixes and protective measures, you're saving considerably in the long run.

3. Enhance Visual Appeal

asphaltIf you routinely welcome customers into your business, a clean, sleek asphalt surface enhances the visual appeal of the entire property. In contrast, an asphalt lot full of potholes, unevenness, and discolorations make the whole place feel drab and rundown. It could also potentially damage car tires. Keeping up with maintenance lets your customers enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free experience whenever they stop in.


Grey-Ruso Construction offers asphalt paving services to all five boroughs of New York City, including Long Island and Westchester County. With more than three decades of experience, their commercial paving professionals install and repair asphalt parking lots, sidewalks, and any other business surfaces. Call (718) 358-1836 or visit them online to find more information about their services. 

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