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Should You Hire an Attorney Before Your Bail Is Set? September 4, 2019

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Should You Hire an Attorney Before Your Bail Is Set?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Bail lets an accused person restore their freedom as they wait for their legal proceedings to play out. An attorney can start building a criminal defense and help an accused person navigate the process of posting their payment. Both of these options are helpful if you've been charged with a crime, but should you hire a lawyer before the judge sets the bond? Below are some points to consider.

A Lawyer May Get You a Lower Amount

During an arraignment, an attorney can sometimes negotiate amounts set by a judge. They also may be able to save you money on a bail bondsman’s fees. Many bond agents offer discounts to lawyers. If an attorney calls a bondsman on your behalf, you could save on the customary 10% fee that bond agents usually charge. To do this, however, you would need to hire a lawyer before the arraignment.

You Don’t Need an Attorney to Post Bail

If a judge has set a specific amount, and you understand how bonds work, you have every right to post it yourself. If you're dealing with a legal situation for the first time, an attorney can guide you through the requirements and steps involved.

Amounts Can Change

bailAnother potential concern to bear in mind is that bond amounts can change after your initial court date. In some cases, the courts may review the preliminary facts of the case and determine that a defendant is a flight risk or a risk to public safety, even after the defendant has posted a bond. In such a case, the courts raise amounts or revoke bail together. If the defendant can't pay it, they return to jail. The original amount is a financial loss the defendant must assume. In the end, if the charges you face are particularly severe, an attorney can advise you on the process.


Let the professionals at Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds in downtown Cincinnati, OH, look out for you. They have four generations of experience in helping clients post bail at any time of the day or night. They understand the complexities of the justice system and will empower you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. Call (513) 721-3915 or visit their website to start the process.

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