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Differences Between Hand Trucks & Dollies September 12, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
Differences Between Hand Trucks & Dollies, Manhattan, New York

Both hand trucks and dollies help you transport materials quickly and easily while reducing the chances of a workplace accident. However, hand trucks and dollies are not the same tools. Understanding their differences will ensure you find the right option for the work you need to do. Below, a few of these differences are discussed in more detail.

A Guide to Hand Trucks & Dollies

Hand Trucks

A hand truck is an upright cart with two wheels. The base of the cart that holds the load is smaller, so the load is stacked vertically on top of this base. It can also be slid underneath materials for easy loading. Once the materials are loaded, the hand truck is tipped back slightly, and the load is supported by the back of the truck. Hand trucks are best suited for moving boxes and other items that are easily stackable, as well as items that are taller than they are wide, such as bookshelves and refrigerators.


hand truckA dolly is a flat platform with four wheels underneath. There are axles that allow the dolly to move and turn in different directions. Dollies come in a variety of different styles and sizes, and they may or may not have handles that allow for better control over the unit.

Because the wheels keep the platform lifted off the ground, a dolly cannot slide underneath materials in the way a hand truck can. But dollies are particularly effective for moving large items, as the four wheels and flat surface provide ample support. Moving items like furniture, industrial equipment, and even power tools is easier with the right type of dolly.



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