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How to Hold a Funeral or Memorial Service for a Pet August 23, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
How to Hold a Funeral or Memorial Service for a Pet, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Losing a beloved pet can lead to grief just as strong and deep as during the passing of a person. To honor the cat, dog, or other companion, many people conduct a memorial service. Here are a few steps on how you can create a meaningful experience.

Steps to a Pet Memorial Service

1. Offer a Reading

Choose a reading from a poem, a piece of literature, or any other source and share it with the group. A heartfelt, thoughtful passage has a way of elevating the proceedings and bringing in the heft of philosophers, authors, and appreciators of animals.

2. Invoke Happy Memories

As a means of having more people participate, have a communal element to the memorial service where attendees share recollections about the pet. By reminiscing, it will bring to mind the fondest memories of your beloved companion and allow everyone there to cherish how special they were.

3. Light a Candle

memorial serviceSet a ceremonial tone for the memorial service by lighting a series of candles. They’ve been used at funerals for thousands of years, believed to help guide the deceased’s spirit on its journey. This also signals a time of reflection and contemplation — a typical way of paying tribute.

4. Close the Ceremony

There are several ways to end the service elegantly. Consider showing a short video or photo slideshow of your pet as a final send-off. Another option is to play a song that speaks to the occasion or have attendees sing it. In closing, blow out the candles.


Herman-Taylor Funeral Home & Cremation Center is always available to help you navigate loss — including that of pets. Serving the community of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, since 1953, the funeral home offers both pet cremation as well as assistance with planning or hosting a memorial service. To speak with the funeral director, call (715) 423-5460. Learn more by visiting their website

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