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3 Causes of Adult Acne in Men September 19, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
3 Causes of Adult Acne in Men, Manhattan, New York

While acne is typically considered a skin condition associated with adolescence, the flare-ups can follow some individuals well into adulthood. For men, inflamed skin and pimples are often triggered by several lifestyle factors. However, men’s skin care regimens are available to minimize or even eliminate acne. Here are some of the leading causes of acne and how it can be treated. 

What Factors Trigger Adult Acne in Men?

Excessively Dry Skin

Overly-parched skin lacking natural oils can lead to an acne breakout. To combat excessively dry skin, the sebaceous glands may try to increase oil levels. Men’s skin care estheticians say this over-production of oil might backfire and produce clogged pores and acne. 


men's skin careHot weather leads to aggressive sweating and can cause acne in adult men. The breakouts typically occur on the back, chest, and abdomen. Acne on the back is especially troublesome if this area of the body is not properly washed after being in warm weather for extended time periods. 


Your body physically reacts to instances that are causing stress in your life. If you’re going through an emotionally rough time, stress can increase the androgen hormone. This boost stirs up the sebaceous glands and produces more sebum than the skin needs. An acne flare-up can result.

How Can Adult Acne in Men Be Treated?

There are facial treatments designed to help clear up acne. They are typically a combination of natural and organic products that don’t dry out the skin but maintain proper oil levels. Men’s skin care estheticians will use gentle cleansers, scrubs, toners, and moisturizers to achieve a healthy balance for preventing acne flare-ups. 

Other methods adult men can use at home is always showering after exercising. Thoroughly washing away sweat may reduce the chance of clogged pores, which can lead to acne. If the skin condition is severe and continues to return, a dermatologist can recommend a prescribed product. 


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