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3 Types of Lighting to Consider for Your Remodeling Project September 3, 2019

3 Types of Lighting to Consider for Your Remodeling Project, Honolulu County, Hawaii

Lighting is just as important to the style and appearance of a room as furniture and decor. If you’re in the process of renovating or remodeling the home, you may wish to hire an electrical contractor to illuminate the living spaces in fresh, new ways. Layering is the key to making light work well for you. Here are three different types you should know.

Types of Lighting

1. Ambient

electrical contractorAmbient lighting, sometimes known as general lighting, is the reason you can see everything as soon as you flip the switch. It’s the main source of illumination that brightens the overall space and allows you to move safely and with ease. Common types of ambient lights that electrical contractors install include recessed and track lighting as well as chandeliers.

2. Accent

Think of accent lights as the ones that truly bring glow to the room. These are focused lights that shine on specific areas or features, like a sculpture, painting, or plant. Don’t forgo ambient lighting for accent lighting; instead, ask your electrical contractor to install ambient products strategically so that they only fall on certain areas of the space. This method will call attention to a specific item without being too obvious. Examples of accent lights include sconces and recessed lights that are situated directly above a focal point.

3. Task

Not every room requires task lighting, but it can be helpful in workspaces, like kitchens and home offices. This type of illumination provides brilliant lighting that makes it easy for you to handle daily tasks. Task lighting can include anything from overhead lights above the electric cooktop to a bright light over a desk. The best task lights minimize eyestrain and provide enough visibility to work.


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