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How to Build Wood Shelves September 2, 2019

Port Jervis, Orange
How to Build Wood Shelves, Port Jervis, New York

Shelves are a great space saver and can add functional style to your living room, kitchen, or garage. All you need to build these units is a plan, a little time, and the right building materials. Here are a few ideas to get your shelving project moving in the right direction.

3 Steps to Building Wood Shelves

1. Select a Design & Take Measurements 

During this phase of the project, you will want to determine the size, shape, holding capacity, and aesthetics of the shelves. Take measurements to determine how long the shelf or shelves will be and use a stud finder to locate the beams in the walls. It’s important to find the strongest areas of the walls to support the weight, especially if you’re thinking of bookshelves. At this point, you should also decide what type of wood you would like to use. Some durable options include pine, red oak, or cherry wood. Determine the paint color, stain, and design that you would like now, so you know what to pick up at the hardware store.

2. Build the Foundation 

Building MaterialsThe building materials will include wood or plywood, nails or screws, brackets, paint, stain, and any power tools you need. If you’re building a long shelf for books, or want a specific designed etched on the front, then you may need some extra design tools to pull these off. Some possible tools to consider are a circular saw, table saw, sander, drill, or a jig to create pocket holes.

3. Complete the Details

Follow your blueprint, pattern, or schematic, and create your shelves. Wear proper safety equipment while operating power tools and using your building materials. Check the strength of your shelves before placing heavy objects on them. If they are floating shelves, and you feel they are not as secure as you would have hoped, think about adding brackets to the bottom or stacking the cleats for extra strength.


When you’re ready to start your shelving project, get all the building materials that you need at Berthiaume’s Neversink Lumber Co. Inc. in Port Jervis, NY. For over 60 years, this True Value Hardware store has provided residential and commercial customers with the best electrical, plumbing, and quality lumber supplies. For more information, call (845) 856-5161 or visit them on Facebook to discover their monthly bargains.

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