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3 Reasons Why Contact Lens Users Should Have Eyeglasses August 23, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Reasons Why Contact Lens Users Should Have Eyeglasses, Rochester, New York

Even if you prefer to wear contact lenses, it’s still wise to have a backup pair of eyeglasses. Whether you’ve worn contact lenses for a long time or have recently made the switch, here are three reasons why you should still keep extra glasses handy.  

Why Keep Your Glasses If You Wear Contact Lenses

1. Ensure Backup Security

Accidents can always happen — your contacts may fall out and get lost, or you could run out of contacts before your next order arrives. In either of these situations, having a reliable pair of eyeglasses available will help you maintain clear sight until you get contacts again.

2. Deter Dry Eyes

contact lensesToday’s contact lenses can sit comfortably on your eyes for many hours without causing irritation. However, after wearing contacts all day and possibly overnight, people sometimes develop dry or itchy eyes. In addition to causing irritation and redness, dry eyes can also make it more difficult to see clearly. Optometrists encourage patients to remove and clean their contacts overnight, so having a pair of glasses on hand can help you see after you take out your contacts.

3. Let Eyes Recover

Wearing contacts when you have an eye health problem may not always be feasible, let alone comfortable. Injuries—such as scratched corneas—can be irritated further if you continue to wear your contact lenses. Eye infections and allergies can also be made worse while wearing contacts. To ensure your eyes can heal and recover without complication, put on your prescription glasses instead.   


When you need to correct your vision, turn to the Alexander Eye Associates. These experienced optometrists of Rochester, NY, offer a variety of corrective vision options—including contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses. Whatever resources you need, you can count on this team to provide products that are stylish, comfortable, and durable. To learn more about their resources, visit this vision center online. For appointments, call (585) 325-3070.

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