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What's the Difference Between Clutter & Hoarding? September 3, 2019

Lake Katrine, Ulster
What's the Difference Between Clutter & Hoarding?, Lake Katrine, New York

If you or someone you know has a messy home, you may be unsure if it’s just cluttered or if there’s an underlying hoarding issue. The terms are not synonymous. Understanding the differences between clutter and hoarding can help you figure out the issue and find out how waste removal services can help.

What Is Clutter?

waste removalA cluttered home is messy because the possessions are lying around outside of their designated locations. Homes that lack enough storage space are especially prone to clutter, as are small spaces crammed with too many objects. While a bit of disarray isn't cause for concern, too much can make a house feel uncomfortable or accumulate dust. Getting rid of unwanted, unused, or unfixable items can minimize the problem. Wall shelving, closet organizers, and bins designed to fit under the bed are excellent solutions to explore. 

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is more extreme than clutter. It involves housing an enormous collection of unnecessary items, such as decades of newspapers or an overwhelming amount of knickknacks. Hoarding can be dangerous because of the safety concerns, including possible fire hazards, tripping obstacles, and health code violations. Hoarding can lead to isolation as others may be unable or unwilling to enter the hoarder’s home. Hoarders often don't want to leave their dwellings and may have severe anxiety about donating, selling, trashing, or giving anything away. In 2013, hoarding was designated a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association, affecting an estimated 2-6% of the population.

How Should You Address Waste Removal?

Whether you have a lot of clutter to remove from your own home or you’re assisting a family member with a hoarding issue, waste removal can be a huge undertaking. Start small and try to tackle one room at a time. Make separate piles to throw away, recycle, donate, sell, and keep. If the job is too much to take on alone, contact a service to assist.


If you are looking for help cleaning out a home, turn to Bill's Junk Be Gone in Hudson Valley, NY. This locally owned and operated waste removal company has been helping residents and businesses in Ulster, Northern Orange, Southern Green, and Dutchess Counties for over 20 years. This trusted business can assist with removing unwanted materials from real estate cleanouts to demolition clearing. For personalized service at affordable rates, call (845) 389-2969 for a free estimate. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

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