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5 Tasks to Add to Your Beauty Regimen Before Vacation August 27, 2019

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5 Tasks to Add to Your Beauty Regimen Before Vacation, Northeast Dallas, Texas

From buying new outfits to stocking up on travel-size toiletries, you might have various tasks on your to-do list to prepare for vacation. In the midst of planning, don’t forget to schedule hair removal and other beauty services before leaving town. By taking time to add the below tasks to your routine, you’ll feel confident showing off skin during the warm-weather adventure. 

5 Tasks to Look Beautiful on Vacation

1. Schedule Electrolysis Appointments

A few weeks before the departure date, schedule your first electrolysis treatment. The hair removal technique involves applying an electrical current to the targeted areas, gradually eliminating the follicle and preventing new growth. This means you won’t have to worry about razor burns or scruffy patches in the bikini area and armpits when wearing a bathing suit. Your legs and arms will also be silky smooth when wearing shorts, dresses, and sleeveless tops.  

2. Apply Self-Tanner

To give the skin a golden, sun-kissed hue and even out your complexion, use self-tanner a week or two before vacation. This way, your skin will reach the desired pigment without harmful exposure to UV rays. For the best results, exfoliate and use a moisturizer first. 

Dallas-Texas-hair-removal3. Get a Manicure & Pedicure

When pampering the skin, don’t forget the nails need care, too. To make nails presentable, schedule a professional manicure and pedicure a day or two before leaving. 

4. Shape Your Brows

Whether you prefer waxing, threading, or other hair removal methods, make sure to shape your brows in preparation for the vacation. Doing so will help draw focus to the eyes and help frame the face. With well-maintained brows, you could also look more approachable, making it easier to make new friends during your travels.   

5. Touch-Up Your Hair

Getting a flattering new haircut or color will also help frame the face and provide a self-esteem boost. If you don’t opt for a drastic cut, at least trim split ends and get a deep conditioner. This will strengthen hair and keep it hydrated when exposed to the sun. If you have color-treated hair, use products formulated for dyed locks. This will keep the hue from fading. 


For hair removal services to help you feel more comfortable, turn to the trained technicians at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. The company is known throughout the Dallas, TX, area for providing effective, safe electrolysis hair removal for lips, backs, legs, arms, and additional areas. For a free consultation and 25% off the first hour of your permanent hair removal appointment, call (682) 593-1442. To prepare for the session, visit the company online for answers to frequently asked questions. Become a Facebook follower to see photos of their clients’ progress. 

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