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3 Tips to Help Apartment Renters Save Money August 30, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
3 Tips to Help Apartment Renters Save Money, Cookeville, Tennessee

Deciding to move out of the family house and get your own place can be exciting. Furnishing your very own apartment and familiarizing yourself with the neighborhood will make the new setting feel more like home. But through all the excitement, budgeting is key. To ensure you have enough money to cover monthly rent and expenses, take the following advice to heart. 

3 Money-Saving Tips for Apartment Renters

1. Choose Location Wisely

During the search for the perfect home, choose a location as close to your job as possible, particularly if you plan to keep working there for a while. By walking to work or taking a short drive, you can save on gas money, leaving more funds in your bank account. If you can’t find a place near your office, consider an apartment close to public transportation stop. This way, you might not need a car at all. 

2. Find a Roommate

Cookeville TN apartmentHaving a roommate can be fun as well as your best bet for cutting down on costs. Since an additional person can help cover the cost of rent and utilities, you could get a larger space than you’d be able to afford on your own. And with a bigger apartment, you’ll be able to easily maintain a sense of privacy while living with a roommate. 

3. Be Mindful of Energy Usage

In an effort to make your new home comfortable, you may crank the furnace during winter or keep the air conditioner running non-stop during the warmer months. This forces equipment to work harder, leading to high utility bills. To cut down on energy costs, place solar blinds on windows. It will prevent heat transfer and air loss so you won’t have to drastically raise or lower the thermostat. During heatwaves, refrain from using the stove and oven. The appliances generate heat, forcing the AC system to expend even more energy.


If you’re moving to the Putnam County, TN, area, the professionals at Buckner Properties in Cookeville are eager to help you find a new home. Since 1964, the company has been providing area residents with comfortable, clean, affordable apartments as well as condos and townhouses. To find out about available rentals, call (931) 526-2104 today. Visit the property management company online to browse available rental properties. 

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