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How to Ask for Repairs After a Home Inspection September 3, 2019

Huntington, Huntington
How to Ask for Repairs After a Home Inspection, Huntington, New York

Home inspections often call the potential buyers’ attention to various issues throughout the property. While these issues may not prevent you from ultimately buying the home, you should get them repaired as soon as possible. In some cases, the seller may even be willing to fix them or offer concessions to help you do so. The following is a guide for how to proceed after a home inspection.

3 Tips for Asking for Repairs After a Home Inspection

1. Only Bring up Major Issues

Most homes have some small issues, and it’s up to you to address them once you move in. If you request fixes for every little concern that comes up during an inspection, you could place a major burden on the sellers. This could delay your moving date or increase the chances that they deny your requests. Additionally, don’t bring up issues that you knew before the inspection. If they already disclosed that the roof was old, that replacement is up to you. However, you can bring up undisclosed issues that could lead to safety concerns or major property damage, like faulty wiring or plumbing leaks.

2. Ask for Credit

home inspectionsIn some cases, the sellers may be willing to complete the work themselves, especially if the issue requires immediate attention. However, you’re often better off just asking for a credit to cover the cost of the project once you move in. This gives you more control over the process. You can choose a contractor you trust and oversee every detail. Plus, this option is often easier for the sellers as well, since they can leave those tasks to you.

3. Be Prepared for a Negative Response

A lot of properties have issues revealed during home inspections, but you can’t assume you’ll get the repairs or credits that you want. Don’t place a large offer on a home if you’re not willing to pay it without concessions. Especially in competitive markets, the seller may deny your requests for repairs or credits, which would leave you either paying that high price or walking away.


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