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5 Tips for Making Flower Arrangements Last August 22, 2019

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5 Tips for Making Flower Arrangements Last, Branford Center, Connecticut

Receiving a fresh-cut flower arrangement can brighten anyone’s day, and keeping the bouquet healthy can keep its positive effects lasting even longer. After placing your flowers in a vase, follow a few simple steps to create a hospitable environment they can thrive in. These tips will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your arrangement.

5 Ways to Keep Your Flower Arrangements Fresh

1. Cut the Stems

Use a pair of scissors or pruners to cut each flower stem at an angle. This ensures maximum contact between the stems and their water source while maintaining a gap between the stems and the bottom of the vase, ensuring that your bouquet will stay fresh and hydrated.

2. Trim Dead Leaves and Petals

floral arrangementTrimming the dead leaves and flower petals from your arrangement has multiple benefits. Not only will it spruce up the appearance of the bouquet, but it will also allow space for the living plants to fully bloom.

3. Replace the Water

Fresh water does wonders for the health of floral arrangements by reducing the amount of bacteria that can grow. Replacing the water in your vase every day is a simple way to extend the life of your plants.

4. Use Plant Food

Even plants appreciate being fed. Most fresh-cut bouquets come with a small pack of plant food that you can pour into the water to keep your flowers nourished and to ensure they are in a hospitable environment.

5. No Direct Sunlight

Unlike plants that are still growing, fresh-cut flower arrangements do best when kept out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing your bouquet near a window, where the heat might dry out your flowers more quickly than you’d like.



To make sure your flowers will maintain their beauty, make sure they come from a quality florist. The florists at the family-owned Myers Flowers in Branford, CT, know how to craft the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion, from birthdays to funerals. Visit their website to browse the wide selection and place your order, or call the florist directly at (203) 481-2381.

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