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3 Tips for Organizing Your Garage September 5, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Tips for Organizing Your Garage, Rochester, New York

A garage can be extremely useful, but it can also get cluttered and disorganized after years of collecting tools, gadgets, sports equipment, and seasonal items. You may be tempted to leave it a mess and avoid opening the garage doors. However, with a few tips, it’ll be easy to organize this area of your home. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to De-Clutter Your Garage

1. Make a Plan

Before diving in, make a plan for how the reorganization will go. Set aside a weekend, and ask other family members to sort and organize their items. Decide what areas to tackle first, and pick a time where the weather will allow you to open the garage door and take some of the items outside. Park on the street to leave the driveway clear. Next, organize who will make a run to the dump or recycling center. If you plan to paint the floor and walls or install new shelving, have all the supplies ready to go. 

2. Sort as You Go

garage doorsAs you are taking items out of the garage, sort them into keep, donate, or trash piles. Also, create stacks for kids or spouses to go through. If possible, put trash items directly into the can, or rent a dumpster for the weekend if you have a packed garage. Load donation items into the car for a trip at the end of the weekend. Label each box clearly, writing out what items are in it. 

3. Upgrade the Garage

Once the items are sorted, move onto cleaning, painting, or installing any upgrades. Install shelves to keep boxes organized and peg boards for tools. Next, put in a new coat of paint on the floor to upgrade the look and prevent mold or mildew growth. Make an inventory spreadsheet and map showing what you plan on keeping and where you plan on keeping each item. Put tools that are frequently used together in one place; for example, all your landscaping equipment should be in one area of the garage. 


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