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This Is The Weekend That Kicks Off Summer May 24, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
This Is The Weekend That Kicks Off Summer, Manhattan, New York

Memorial Day weekend is when the beaches open for the summer season. And although the first day of summer isn't until June 21st. this is when we start to think of beaches and bathing suites..


Speaking of bathing suites... Is your bathing suite ready for your body? Perhaps you gained a few pounds over this past long winter and last years suite no longer fits... or you'd just like to buy a fresh one and don't like the way it feels or fits..


Well there's a proven solution to your fitness problem and it's called: High Intensity Training. This is a form of exercise that performed at intense levels where you are increasing your heart rate to a point where you can't carry on a conversation and you can't hold that intensity for more than a minute or two. It requires that you pair it with periods of recovery. HIT doesn't have to be just running or another version of a traditional cardiovascular exercise. It can and should be a combination of those as well as body weight and loaded exercises like a kettlebell swing or sled push. The main benefit of HIT training is that it elevates your metabolism for hours after you finish because your body needs to consume a great deal more oxygen that if you had just done a steady-state workout. This extended caloric burn is known as Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption or (E.P.O.C).


Brett's Bottom Line:

If you want to look Svelte For Summer drop the cardio machine and get moving.. Learn how to do kettlebell swing, sled pushes, battle ropes, squats and lunges, medicine ball throws and sprints.. You'll be bikini ready on no time.. 


What Others Are Saying:

“Today was the first day I put on a bathing suit this season. I’ve honestly never looked as toned and lean as I look right now. I’m so satisfied! I couldn’t have done it without you–I will forever be grateful.”-Dr. M. LaGratta 

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