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How Does Canine-Led Bedbug Detection Work? September 9, 2019

Downtown Milford - Harbor - Post Road South, Milford
How Does Canine-Led Bedbug Detection Work?, Milford, Connecticut

It can be difficult for humans to identify bedbugs due to their small sizes and ability to hide. Luckily, there is a better way to gauge their presence. Dogs specially trained in bedbug detection have a 97% hit rate and will identify pests within minutes. If you’re preparing for your appointment, here’s everything you need to know about these skilled canines and their process. 

How Are the Dogs Trained?

Dogs are ideal for the task of bedbug detection because of how advanced their senses of smell are. They have millions of receptors in their noses, making them sensitive to even the slightest of smells. Traditional hunting breeds like beagles, labradors, and border collies are typically chosen for the task.

bedbug detectionOver the course of around a thousand hours, the prospective detection dog will be exposed to the smell of bedbugs at all life cycle stages. Once they’re familiar with these different scents, they’ll enter staged environments and receive treats when they correctly identify a controlled infestation. The trainer will teach them about typical hiding spots so they have a sense of where to sniff. The dogs are also trained in obedience to ensure they are well-behaved when in the homes of clients. 

What Happens on the Day of Detection?

On the day of the appointment, the pest control expert will arrive with the trained dog. They will then enter affected rooms and begin making rounds. If the dog senses a presence, they will give a sign to the professional and then be rewarded with a treat.

After that, the expert may visually confirm the findings. For example, if the canine indicates that the mattress is contaminated, the trained specialist will closely examine it for any signs of eggs, fecal matter, or even live bugs. That two-factor identification system will prevent any errors and ensure all diagnoses are accurate.


If you believe you may have bedbugs in your home, immediately get in contact with a trusted bedbug detection specialist at Pro K9 Plus in Milford, CT. Using highly trained canines, their crew will swiftly determine whether your property is being plagued by these pests. With an accurate list of affected areas, you can then find reliable removal to ensure your home is safe again. Learn more about the pest control company by visiting their website or call (203) 906-0422 to schedule an appointment.