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4 Tips for Helping Children Feel More Comfortable Around Nurses September 12, 2019

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4 Tips for Helping Children Feel More Comfortable Around Nurses, Suffern, New York

As an in-home nurse, you can work with patients of all ages. However, caring for children can be especially fulfilling, as you’ll be able to improve their health while reducing their anxieties. In fact, some children feel nervous around nurses. While this is common, there are steps you can take to help your patients feel more at ease. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Help Your Patients Feel Calm 

1. Communicate With the Parent

If you have a young patient who gets anxious during your care, talk to the parent. A child’s parent should be on the same page as you, as they can help you keep the child calm. Discuss why they might be nervous. For example, they could be anxious about medical instruments. With this information, you can come up with specific techniques to soothe the child, such as communicating more openly. 

2. Talk Through the Steps

in home nurseMany children are anxious about the unknown during their medical care. Ease their worries by keeping them in the loop. As you test their blood sugar, listen to their heart rate, or complete other medical tasks, talk them through the process. Speak with a calm and positive tone. Often, a child will feel calmer when they know what to expect and see that you’re calm, as well. 

3. Give Them Choices

They might not have a choice about who their in-home nurse is, but you can give them agency in other ways. For example, ask them where they want to sit while you are working with them. They will feel less anxious when they have some sense of control over their environment and situation.

4. Let Them Have a Comforting Item

If it won’t be obtrusive, allow the child to keep a stuffed animal or toy with them while you care for them. Ask their parents to give them their favorite ones. As you care for the child, they will feel comforted by hugging their toy. You can also ask them questions about their stuffed animal to keep them occupied during medical tasks. 


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