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4 Vision Care Tips for Sunny Days August 22, 2019

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
4 Vision Care Tips for Sunny Days, Brooklyn, New York

Bright sun and high temperatures make this time of year fun and exciting. There are many benefits to hanging out in the sunlight; however, if you don’t take the proper precautions, outdoor adventures during sunny days can damage your eyes. Here are a few vision care tips to keep in mind when the suns out. 

A Guide to Vision Care in the Sun

1. Wear Protective Sunglasses 

The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can strain your eyes and damage your vision over time. During the sunny months, wear a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can still penetrate and cause damage to your vision, so wear them every time you head outdoors. 

2. Add a Hat to the Outfit 

vision careMost sunglasses, even those with 100% UV protection, don’t cover the entire face. Because there are gaps between the frames and your face, some ultraviolet rays can still reach your eyes and cause pain or vision issues. This is where a broad-brimmed hat comes in handy. Large summer hats keep the heat off of your head, and they provide ample shade over your eyes. 

3. Protect Your Eyes from Chemicals & Dirt

Swimming will cool you off, but there are plenty of dangerous particles in pools and lakes that can damage your eyes. Wherever you go swimming, wear fitted goggles that seal water out. If you do get water with chemicals or dirt in your eyes, rinse them immediately with clean water. Also, don’t wipe your hands on your eyes if you’ve taken a dip in the pool and haven’t rinsed off yet. 

4. Use Eyedrops for Dry Eyes 

The high temperatures and bright sun can damage your eyes and contribute to dry eyes, as well. If your eyes are feeling strained and dry, use moisturizing eye drops to help ease those symptoms. Most can be used at least twice a day.  


Vision care in the sun can seem tiresome, but it’s important to protect your eyes. For more information about protecting your eyesight, contact Clear Vision Center in Brooklyn, NY. They provide protective eyeglasses, and their on-site optometrist will help you protect your vision. To learn more about their glasses and vision care services, call (718) 771-0078 or visit them online

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