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Everything You Should Know About Tires August 30, 2019

Twin, Ross
Everything You Should Know About Tires, Twin, Ohio

To keep your car in driving condition, you need to visit your tire dealer just as regularly as the local auto repair shop. Tires need auto maintenance for safety and to minimize the cost of driving. Here's what you need to know to keep them in good shape.

What Your Tire Dealer Wants You to Know

How often do they need to be changed?

You should change your tires whenever they show signs of wear and tear. With modern models, this usually means after about 50,000 to 60,000 miles of driving. You should also plan to have them inspected every five years. The rubber can break down over time even if you don’t use your automobile daily.

What are the signs of wear?

You may see cracking or bubbling anywhere on the outside tire wall. Place a penny upside down between the tire tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's time for a visit to a tire dealer to change your wheels.

What does tire service include?

Tire DealerYour tire dealer offers maintenance in addition to replacement. Rotation switches your front tires with the rear ones and makes them wear evenly. Next, balancing helps evenly distribute the wheel’s weight. Finally, wheel alignment ensures the tires are all pointed the same direction. These services will minimize vibrations.

Why is this maintenance necessary?

Worn out tires are more likely to get a flat. Also, when the treads are in good shape, and the wheels are aligned, you get better gas mileage. Misaligned wheels pull against one another, wasting engine power, and poor tread slips on the road. Finally, well-maintained tread helps you steer and brake more effectively, minimizing the risk of an accident.


If you need new tires from a tire dealer, visit Top Quality Auto Parts & Accessories in Chillicothe, OH. They have Goodyear®, Goodrich®, and Firestone® tires available on-site for your next visit. Serving Ross County for over 20 years, they offer full-service auto maintenance, and their shop has the most certified technicians of any other businesses in the area. For help from their experienced staff, visit their website or call (740) 775-8111.

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