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Where to Place Your Propane Tank August 21, 2019

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Where to Place Your Propane Tank, Batavia, Ohio

If you depend on propane for residential heating, it’s important to handle the tank responsibly. One of the most important steps you can take is finding a suitable location to store it. Depending on the type that you have, you may need to keep it at a considerable distance from your house. Here’s what you should know to properly situate your propane tank.

What Are Some General Guidelines?

The more propane a tank holds, the stricter the guidelines are in determining where to place it. However, no tank should ever be stored inside the house, even if it’s in an area that’s infrequently used. Basements, garages, and storage sheds are off-limits. Storing your tank inside is an easy way to raise the internal temperature, which could cause it to combust.

Cincinnati, OH propaneAvoid areas near the house, too, like near basement windows. A general rule of thumb is to find a properly ventilated location outside the home, no matter the size of the tank. It’s safe, for example, to place them on a series of cinder blocks or elevated planks to prevent them from corroding. It’s also okay to store your tank outside in the winter; just cover it loosely to prevent ice from forming on it.

What Types of Tank Sizes Are Available?

The size of the tank often dictates where you place it. Small tanks that hold just a few gallons of propane are often used to power patio heaters and grills. These can be placed inside milk crates to ensure that they don’t tip over. Larger tanks that hold 100 gallons or less are usually used for cooking or water heating purposes and can be placed next to the home. The tanks have distance restrictions for windows and appliance vents to keep in mind when choosing a location. Whole-home tanks that hold over 100 gallons must be installed at least 10 feet from the home.

How Do You Maintain Them?

It’s important to check the propane tank periodically for signs of leaks or general wear and tear, particularly before you store it. To see if it’s leaking, spray mild soap onto the tank and on the valves. If bubbles form, there’s a leak somewhere in the tank. Double-check that the cylinder valve is closed completely, tighten the hoses fully, and test it again. If it’s still leaking, then it’s imperative to contact your propane provider right away.


Locals throughout Batavia, OH, trust in the professionals at Auxier Gas for their propane needs. Proudly serving clients throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the family-owned propane gas company is committed to your satisfaction. Whether you’re interested in fuel delivery or a complete tank installation, they can assist every step of the way. They also offer 24-hour emergency response services. Visit them online for information or call (513) 724-7700.

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