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4 Private Investigator Myths Debunked September 5, 2019

Sharonville, Hamilton
4 Private Investigator Myths Debunked, Sharonville, Ohio

Whether you’re trying to locate a missing person or need to perform a background check, you’ll likely need to hire a private investigator. Based on the way they’re often portrayed in books, movies, and TV shows, you might have an inaccurate idea about who private investigators are and what they do. Here are a handful of common myths about these professionals.

4 Myths About Private Investigators

1. They Can Tap Phone Lines 

In most states, it is illegal to tap phone calls, even for those in positions of authority. Instead, your private investigator will follow people of interest, take pictures, and make notes based on their observations. They’ll also conduct in-person interviews with anyone who might be able to provide valuable information.

2. They Have Secret Recording Privileges

private investigatorPopular representations of private detectives sometimes show them secretly recording conversations with suspects in an attempt to get incriminating information. However, since it isn’t legal to record conversations without consent, they will take detailed mental and physical notes of important information. 

3. They Have Access to Private Information

Private investigators do not have special privileges when it comes to accessing confidential documents, such as those filed away by the FBI, CIA, or police. They will, however, use any available public information to get you the answers you need for your case. 

4. They’re Above the Law 

These professionals are not police officers and cannot engage in illegal activities, such as trespassing on private property or impersonating people. They will always operate within legal bounds.


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