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How to Prepare Your Child for a New School Year August 13, 2019

Holy Oaks, San Jose
How to Prepare Your Child for a New School Year, San Jose, California

Although there are several weeks left of summer vacation, at the midway point, you should start preparing your youngster to return to the classroom. This will give them ample time to get back into math, reading and writing so they don’t fall behind. They can also get used to the school-year routine so they don’t have to adjust quickly when autumn arrives. To get your child off on the right foot, below are a few tips to prepare them to head back to the classroom. 

3 Tips to Ready Your Child for Fall Semester 

1. Limit How Late They Stay Up at Night 

When kids don’t have to get up early for school, they might go to bed later and later during the summer break. Sticking to this schedule could leave them cranky and irritable during morning classes and too exhausted to concentrate later in the day. It could take a while for young bodies to get used to feeling sleepy at the normal school-year bedtime, so gradually reintroduce the schedule as the semester approaches. 

2. Set Up a Homework Area

reading and writingSome environments are more conducive to studying than others. It could be hard for your youngster to concentrate on homework with a television or stereo playing. To make it easier for them to focus on their reading and writing, set up a study area in a quiet room with minimal distractions. It should include a table, desk lamp, and chair with back support but that’s not too comfy to encourage loafing. The workstation should face away from the window, so your child isn’t tempted to stare outside and daydream.

3. Arrange for Summer Tutoring 

Although your child can review last year’s curriculum on their own as a refresher, it’s still a good idea to invest in professional tutoring. A tutor can answer questions when needed and provide further explanation to help your child recollect and retain what they’ve learned. In addition, they’ll also introduce new material to enhance your youngster’s reading and writing skills and math comprehension.


To get your student prepared for, and excited about, fall learning, it’s never too late to enroll them in tutoring at JEI Learning Center South San Jose. In addition, the educators at this San Jose, CA-based learning center provide reading and writing programs for kids that include fun activities to keep them engaged while boosting their brain power. They’ll also share tips to eliminate nightly struggles with homework. To learn more about academic programming for kids in the Evergreen and Silver Creek areas, call (408) 270-6162. Check out the center’s website to read parent testimonials.