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How to Help a Disobedient Pooch September 3, 2019

Royse City, Hunt
How to Help a Disobedient Pooch, Royse City, Texas

Many pet owners experience a young dog ignoring a command, getting too excited, or acting out. But what should you do when your dog makes a habit of not listening? Whether your pet has never received dog training or just needs a refresher on how to obey, here’s what you can do to train your four-legged friend. 

Why Is Training Necessary?

Puppies expend a lot of energy, and you don’t want them making a habit of rambunctious behavior. After reaching six to nine months, young pets that aren’t following basic commands may benefit from formalized dog training. By this age, an obedient pooch should be able to walk on a leash, sit, and stop naughty behaviors like jumping up and barking. You can create an at-home program in addition to bringing your dog to an obedience training center.

What Are Some Tips To Help Your Dog Become More Obedient?

Maintain Daily Lessons 

dog trainingDevote fifteen minutes every few hours to some simple training. Keep lessons short and easy, whether they’re about sitting or just being quiet. Reinforce positive behaviors with treats and affection. You may be amazed to see how much your pet starts to enjoy learning. If you do not have the time to complete this on your own, bring your pup to a dog obedience training program.

Remain Positive 

No pooch is born naughty. They just need the proper love, attention, and dog training to become obedient. When training a disobedient dog, avoid reprimands and punishment. These actions will only teach a dog what not to do through fear. You will then have a disobedient dog who’s also anxious and afraid.

Talk to Your Vet

Hyperactivity is a consideration when it comes to disobedience in dogs. Your veterinarian may diagnose the condition based on an examination and your feedback. Hyperactivity in adult dogs is exhibited through excessive energy, destructiveness, or obsessive behaviors such as constant barking, tail chasing, and pacing. The diagnosis may lead your vet to prescribe medications in combination with exercise. Dogs suffering injury or illness may seem disobedient but are in actual need of medical attention. A trip to the vet will ensure that your pup is healthy and happy. 


If your pup isn’t behaving, it may be time for help from trusted dog training professionals. The compassionate pet care experts at JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs serve the greater Dallas, TX, area with a loving, results-proven board and training programs devoted to helping your pooch understand how to obey. Call them today at (972) 636-9494 to arrange a visit or check them out online to learn more. 

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