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3 Things You Should Know About the SCRAM® Device August 28, 2019

Cleveland, Bradley
3 Things You Should Know About the SCRAM® Device, Cleveland, Tennessee

If you’re searching for a reliable GPS system to track offenders or residents in recovery, the SCRAM® device will be the end of your search. While SCRAM is known for its alcohol monitoring system, the SCRAM One-Piece offers high accuracy and a slew of features that will make tracking and communicating with offenders much simpler. Below are three things you should know about the device for high-accuracy GPS tracking.

What to Consider When Purchasing a SCRAM Device

1. Tamper-Proof

The SCRAM One-Piece has an innovative band design that minimizes false alerts and is almost impossible to tamper with. The strap is designed to virtually eliminate false alerts and notifications because it can’t be interfered with as other GPS wearables can be. If it’s removed, you’ll receive a notification almost instantly, and if you receive an alert that it’s been removed, you can trust that it’s not an error and act accordingly—without waiting for confirmation or allowing the offender a grace period.

2. Simplicity & Accuracy

SCRAM deviceWhile there are GPS SCRAM devices that double as an alcohol monitoring device, the One-Piece offers higher accuracy and a user-friendly experience. It operates on 3G and RF (radio frequency) beacon for complete coverage in and out of cell zones, whether the offender is indoors or outdoors. It uses three different location technologies—GPS, A-GPS, and AFLT—to provide higher accuracy tracking, and it pairs with the SCRAM GPS Analytics app and Google Maps technology to compile all the location information into an easy-to-understand interface. This enables you to spot problematic trends or locations in much less time on one screen instead of sifting through months of individual location pings. Additionally, it comes with an on-demand pursuit mode that offers step-by-step instructions to reach the offender in real time.

3. Two-Way Communication

No more excuses or pleading ignorance from your offenders. The SCRAM One-Piece offers two-way communication between monitoring officials and the wearer. You’ll be able to send varying notifications and warnings to offenders in the form of vibrations and sounds, and the offender will have to press a button on the device to acknowledge the warning. You’ll be able to send instant communications and know that they received them without delay.


If you’re ready to seize the simplicity and reliability of a SCRAM device, contact Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring. A leading distributor of monitoring and tracking devices in the Cleveland, TN, area, they offer a variety of products for legal, behavioral health, and residential entities. Their competitively priced inventory includes the SCRAM alcohol monitoring system, ignition interlock systems, handheld breathalyzers, and the SCRAM One-Piece GPS device. Learn more about items like their alcohol monitoring device and GPS options online and call (855) 472-7269 to order today.

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