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How Do You Know if You Have Hard Water? August 28, 2019

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How Do You Know if You Have Hard Water?, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Hard water is a more common problem than most people realize. In fact, many homeowners deal with the consequences of mineral-rich water every day without realizing why. It’s essential to know the most apparent signs of hard residential water systems, so you can look into using a softener. This installation will alleviate all of the unpleasant symptoms you want to avoid.

3 Signs of Hard Residential Water Systems

1. Spots on Glass

The minerals from hard water will stick to glass, forming what is commonly called water spots. You’ll notice these spots on glass shower walls after use or on your dishes after running the dishwasher. If the spots dry completely without being wiped away, they may take some scrubbing to remove.

2. Fixture Mineral Buildup

well drillingWhen there is regular water flow through the faucets, you’ll see a white calcium or limestone buildup on the rim; this usually requires white vinegar and rubber gloves to effectively clean. However, that same mineral buildup is also occurring inside your residential water system. As the minerals build up inside your pipes, they affect your water pressure and clog up your appliances. You may notice your water slowly spurting out of the faucet as the aerator gets clogged with minerals. 

3. Dry & Irritated Skin

The minerals in hard water, such as magnesium and calcium, interfere with the way that soap suds rinse off. It will leave a soapy film on your skin after you’ve washed it, resulting in dryness and irritation. Your hair may also feel brittle as the minerals dry it out. A softener will remove the minerals from the water, so you can feel refreshed after using the shower.


If you suspect you have hard water, it’s time to have a well inspection done. The experts at Luisier Drilling can analyze commercial and residential water systems in Oconto Falls, WI, to recommend an effective solution, such as a softener. This well drilling team has been serving the community since 1936 and can ensure the purest and safest water supply with their multipurpose treatment systems. Visit them online or call (920) 848-5239 to schedule a free water analysis.

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