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The Importance of Entertainment at Kids' Parties August 26, 2019

Philipstown, Putnam
The Importance of Entertainment at Kids' Parties, Philipstown, New York

Kids' parties are meant to be magical, memorable events that your child and their friends will cherish for years to come. In many ways, that puts a considerable amount of pressure on parents to plan everything perfectly. However, when you choose the right performer, you’ll provide the kids with hours of entertainment they’ll never forget. Here’s why every children’s birthday party needs a performer.

Why You Need Entertainment at Kids’ Parties

1. Prevent Boredom

Every parent knows that a room or backyard full of bored children is a recipe for disaster. Kids are adept at creating their own entertainment, and sometimes the results can be messy. To avoid the potential for disaster, be sure to hire entertainment. Kids’ party performers, such as magicians or costumed performers, are excellent at keeping children interested and occupied.

2. Make Your Child Feel Special

kids partiesEvery child wants to feel special on their birthday. Cake, presents, and decorations are one part of this, but live entertainment that places your child at the center of attention will truly make the party shine. Hosting a unique and unforgettable birthday will set your young one up to be the talk of their school.

3. Keep Kids Together

During children’s events, it’s important to keep tabs on each child to ensure their safety. However, the bigger the party, the harder it can be to keep an eye on everyone. When kids are all gathered in one location to watch and participate in the performance, it will be much easier for you and other chaperones to watch over them.

4. Maintain a Set Schedule

One of the most challenging parts of organizing a party is creating a realistic schedule. Events can be thrown off by a delayed caterer or decoration mishap, but performers can help keep your party on track by providing consistent entertainment. If you don’t have many ideas for activities, performers can save you a great deal of effort by filling in any blank space.

5. Bring the Theme Together

Still not entirely sure if your child’s princess, dinosaur, or magic theme is coming together? Relevant entertainment can help solidify the party theme. For instance, a musician or band could play songs about dinosaurs, or a magician could perform illusions that would mystify and amaze your guests.



If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind entertainment for a kids’ party, look no further than Marco the Magician. Based in New York, NY, and known for taking his jaw-dropping shows across the US, Marco performs for audiences of all ages at a variety of events. With millions of views on YouTube, thousands of students trained under his wing, and illusions featured on NBC, Fox News, and other prominent news channels.  his magic continues to amaze audiences everywhere. Learn more about his entertainment offerings online. To book Marco for your next event, call (212) 502-0148.

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